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Cevin Soling - Live!

August 28, 2021


In conjunction with We've Become What We Parody, join renowned writer, filmmaker, musician, academic, and artist Cevin Soling for a conversation about his process and practice, including a special musical performance featuring works from his band, The Love Kills Theory

Soling's artistic and academic work is ultimately about transcendence. His debut film, A Hole in the Head, documented a sub-culture who drilled holes in their heads to expand their state of consciousness. The troubling aspect was not so much these people’s willingness to violate their own body in a dramatic manner. Rather, the procedure might work and the subsequent questions this raises about potentially improving brain function and how far one should go.

Between his musical, artistic, and film projects, Soling has been featured on MTV, HBO, BBC, Comedy Central, The Discovery Channel, and TLC, among others.

Additional projects include the following documentaries and animated shorts: Urine: Good Health, Boris the Dog, The Bill Johnson Show, Great Moments in Rock, Captain Stickman vs The Color Black,  The War on Kids, Ikland, The Gilligan Manifesto, The War on the War on Drugs.
Soling is the author of several books including: Kierkegaard's Dilemma, The Bomb that Followed Me Home, The Disciples of Trotsky, The Land of Plenty, Tiffany Brittany Brooke, The Jolly Elf, Eldwyn the Laid Back Dragon, and The Student Resistance Handbook.


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