Satanic Ceremonies at The Satanic Temple Salem



The Satanic Temple Salem welcomes you to reserve a space for your unique Satanic ceremony. Here, you are invited to celebrate the unconventional and to create a ceremony that truly mirrors your distinct vision.


You can reserve your ceremony space outside of our regular visiting hours, which includes mornings, evenings, and weekends. This flexibility ensures that we can accommodate your specific ceremony schedule.


Pricing & Reservation Information

Please contact us directly at for pricing information and to schedule your consultation. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your ceremony space reservation. This service is intended for serious inquiries only.


Included in Your Ceremony Reservation

When you reserve space at The Satanic Temple Salem for your ceremony, you will receive more than just a unique setting. As part of your reservation, you and your guests will have private access to The Satanic Temple Salem, allowing you to revel in the serene environment and explore the rich history undisturbed. We also provide suitable arrangements with tables and chairs for your attendees, ensuring their comfort as they bear witness to your Satanic ceremony. Most notably, your ceremony will be conducted by a Minister of Satan, who will ensure a meaningful and personalized experience steeped in our traditions and values.


Types of Satanic Ceremonies

Our experienced Ministers of Satan are well-versed in performing a range of ceremonies. Imagine a wedding imbued with the eternally rebellious spirit of Satanism, marking the beginning of a shared journey with your partner. Consider the transformative experience of an Unbaptism, a bold declaration of autonomy and self-definition. Picture a Gender Affirmation ceremony, acknowledging and celebrating one's true self in an empowering environment. Lastly, the solemnity of a Remembrance service, honoring those who have passed on with reverence and respect. No matter what your intent is, our proficient Minister of Satan is prepared to deliver a meaningful and memorable ceremony that aligns with your purpose and encapsulates the spirit of individuality and authenticity that we so greatly value.


Ceremony Locations within The Satanic Temple Salem


In front of the Baphomet sculpture is our most sought-after ceremony location. As an interactive masterpiece crafted in bronze with a throne of brushed steel, it challenges viewers to reconsider their perceptions of beauty, sanctity, and fear. This world-renowned figure offers an intriguing backdrop for any ceremony.


Fine Art Room

The Fine Art Room is an artistic sanctum, home to a curated collection of iconic works from illustrious artists such as Salvador Dali, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Edmond Flatters, Gustave Doré, and the "Baphometic Bowl of Wisdom" Veterans Monument once displayed in Belle Plaine, MN. This space serves as a vibrant and inspiring setting for any ceremony.


Milton Hall

Milton Hall stands as our primary exhibition and event space, emanating a timeless charm. The hall features a 19th-century marble fireplace, a finely carved mirror, a detailed plaster medallion, and windows enhanced by cameo-laden cornices, making it a perfect choice for a grand ceremony.


La Voision Chamber

The La Voision Chamber, named in honor of the infamous Catherine Monvoisin, is an intimate space featuring two thrones. It displays the ceremonial tools of The Satanic Temple's co-founders, Malcolm Jarry and Lucien Greaves, making it an appealing choice for smaller, personal ceremonies.


The Library

The Library serves as a time capsule, preserving a wealth of Satanic history. Its walls are lined with artifacts, books, posters, and more, including highlights like a pair of Lil Nas X & art collective's "blood sneakers" and Masonic Knights Templar Regalia, providing a rich, cultural backdrop for your ceremony.


The Halls

Our eloquently designed halls, boasting a grand spiral staircase and hidden treasures, including "Baby Baphomet," provide an explorative and enchanting environment for your guests.


Ready to reserve your space at The Satanic Temple Salem for your Satanic ceremony? Please contact to book your consultation today!