Satanic Wedding FAQs


What is a Satanic Wedding?

A Satanic Wedding is a wedding officiated by a Minister of Satan. Almost every facet of the ceremony can be tailor-made to accurately celebrate every unique couple. Don’t expect a Bride to be walked down the aisle by a Father to be symbolically given away as property, but we’re able to integrate any unique and meaningful aspect to make it your very own.  



Where can I get married inside The Satanic Temple?

Couples have a variety of options within The Satanic Temple’s Salem Headquarters that they may be married. Some of these include:

In front of Baphomet

 Photo by Lightwitch © 2022
Photo © Lightwitch 2022

The most popular option: nuptials in front of our beautiful bronze Baphomet statue.

The sculpture features a winged, anthropomorphic goat headed figure flanked by two children - an African-American female and a Caucasian male. The context was intended to imply that without the preconceived notions of beauty versus the grotesque or the damned versus the sanctimonious, the subject is not one to be feared but reverently appreciated. Cast in bronze with a throne of brushed steel, the rendering is entirely unique unto itself, and was designed with the intention for it to be sat upon. This interactive element purposely eschews the idea of sanctity, allowing every viewer the opportunity to touch a work of fine art.


Milton Hall

Serving as our main function hall and primary exhibition space, Milton Hall is the cultural epicenter of Salem Art Gallery. A stunning mark of the preservation of original elements from the Edwards' home, the room features a 19th century marble fireplace, an ornately carved and gilded hardwood mirror, a meticulously crafted plaster medallion, and cameo laden cornices that accent each window.

La Voison Chamber

 Photo © Lightwitch 2022

La Voison Chamber features two thrones and is named after the infamous fortune teller, commissioned poisoner, and supposed sorceress: Catherine Monvoisin. This rooms displays the ceremonial accoutrement of The Satanic Temple's co-founders, Malcolm Jarry and Lucien Greaves. Housing the Temple's collection of romantic literature that inspires modern Satanism among contemporary works by academic authors, La Voison Chamber pays a nod to the decadence and luxury of the pleasure seeking, blasphemous poets presented on its bookshelves. 


Where should my friends and family stay from out of town?

There are hotel room blocks discounted at Hampton Inn on Washington. Contact Jill Grey 978-306-7575 for more information.


What types of ceremonies are available?

We are honored to host your wedding, vow renewal or proposal at The Satanic Temple! We've put together a variety of sumptuous wedding packages to choose from, based upon your desired ritual. You can learn more about all of the ceremonies we offer here: SATANIC WEDDING PACKAGES


What will my ceremony consist of?

The Satanic wedding ceremony is entirely up to the couple. Many rituals are available by template as a point of reference. Work with your minister to create a ceremony that’s best for you. We will also provide a gorgeous wedding certificate from The Satanic Temple ministry that commemorates the occasion.


How can I schedule my ceremony?

To set up your initial wedding consultation, please use this link to schedule at your convenience: 


What takes place during my first wedding planning session?

During this first planning session, couples meet their wedding planner, Director of Weddings at The Satanic Temple Salem, Ada King. Couples share their wildest dreams with their planner and the Weddings Team at The Satanic Temple Salem makes them come true.

We Will Go Over The Following:
- Elaborate additions
- Ceremony styles
- Ministers 
- Planning process
- Simple Rituals
- Extraordinary Rituals 



How many people can I invite to attend my wedding ceremony?

We can accommodate up to 25 guests. Should your guest list exceed 25, please discuss this with Ada King, Director of Weddings, during your consultation.


What do I wear?

Satanic wedding attire is entirely up to the couple. Some may choose to be casual, some may choose traditional hooded robes, some may choose to wear their Victorian finest. There are many excellent costume shops for rentals in Salem that may also be considered.


What is your current COVID policy?

We review our COVID policy on a monthly basis, please view this link for up to date information prior to your visit:


What is your refund policy?

We will refund everything minus 50% administrative costs and fees. 


Can I bring my pet?

PLEASE do! We can’t wait to meet any critter that will be joining you for your nuptials. We’ve had dogs and rabbits in weddings at The Satanic Temple Salem, and we’re really hoping for even more unique little beasties. Will you bring the first ever pot bellied pig, alpaca or goat to TST Salem? We’ll make them a special floral arrangement if you do. Please be sure to have an additional person available to help care for your little one's needs during your ceremony.