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Before we dive into the wedding process, congratulations! We would love to host your ceremony at The Satanic Temple Salem. We are here to create something uniquely meaningful that reflects your union. There are no established Satanic wedding traditions and every Satanic wedding ceremony is different.

1. Understand our COVID-19 Policy

The Satanic Temple Salem follows the Seven Tenets. This means that as per Tenet #5 (Beliefs should conform to one's best scientific understanding of the world), we exercise an abundance of caution to protect our immunocompromised guests and employees. As of March 2022, that means that no couples or other guests without proof of vaccination will be permitted into the gallery. That means that all couples will need to be masked with the exception of a kiss or when actively eating or drinking.

2. Reach out to begin planning your Satanic Wedding

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Ready to get started planning your ceremony? Book your wedding consultation via Calendly. Our Director of Weddings, Ada King is a full service wedding planner and will enthusiastically facilitate all of the large and small decisions that go into a satanic ceremony, from pairing you with a perfect Minister of Satan to tracking down the perfect vintage ritual chalice.

During this full hour conversation, we’ll explore the details of the Satanic wedding of your darkest dreams and answer all of your questions. We will complete a worksheet covering every facet of your wedding and provide you every resource you need to have a wedding in Salem. This information will be yours to keep, even if your wedding venue changes. As such, there will be a $50 fee associated with this consultation.


Do you have a quick question before we get started planning your ceremony? After reviewing the FAQs, reach out here: CONTACT US

We request that couples reach out three weeks or more in advance of their ceremony so the details aren’t rushed. As of March 2022, we are booking ceremonies through 2024.

3.  Reserve your date

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In order to reserve your date, please pay for your ceremony and any rituals you’d like to have added. These may be paid via our website at the following link: WEDDING COLLECTION. We offer Pay in Installments through ShopPay, allowing the payment to be split over a few weeks. Learn more about ShopPay here: SHOP PAY APP

Once the payment is sent, please let our Director of Weddings know and we’ll get your ceremony date finalized on our calendar.

If circumstances change and you’re not able to keep your date, we can refund up to 75% of the amount paid to cover administrative costs associated with planning your ceremony.

4. Meet Your Minister of Satan

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After your date is finalized, we’ll schedule a meeting with your Minister of Satan.  During this conversation, we’ll learn more about who you and your partner are and explore how the different Satanic Wedding Ceremony and Satanic Ritual styles we offer can most beautifully represent you and your partner.

5. Approve your ceremony and custom ritual

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After this conversation, your Minister will customize a ceremony and ritual script for you and your partner and Ada will provide it to you for approval. Feel free to revise to your heart's content-- we want every syllable to be perfect for your special day. 

6. Receive quotes and pay deposits for Elaborate Additions

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If you’d like floral, photography, catering, performance artists or any other elaborate addition, we’ll now send you quotes and help facilitate the payment of deposits. The vendors we recommend are enthusiastic about making Satanic Weddings special and are exceptional at their craft. Some of our vendors choose to donate a portion of their proceeds from weddings at TST back to TST to support our mission.

7. Rehearsal

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In the weeks before your ceremony, we’ll schedule a Zoom rehearsal. During this rehearsal we will read through the ceremony and ritual scripts. Couples practice their vows and ask any final questions they have before the ceremony. We will confirm that marriage licenses are in order and all final payments have been made for your Elaborate Additions.

8. Receive TST Wedding Certificate

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Once your date is confirmed, you’ll receive a TST Wedding Certificate in the mail. This gorgeous wedding certificate from The Satanic Temple Ministry commemorates the occasion. Many couples choose to frame it and bring it as part of their wedding ceremonial altar.

9. Notification of Intention Form

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2-3 Weeks before your ceremony be sure to file your Notification of Intention to Wed form with the City of Salem. Be sure to confirm that the form was received by calling their office at (978) 619-5611. The form can be filed online here: Notification of Intention to Wed

10. Day of Ceremony

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Congratulations on your ceremony! Your big day is finally here! For elopements, please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of your ceremony. For grand ceremonies, please arrive 1 hour before your ceremony.

The ceremony itself will consist of the script rehearsed with processional, vows, ring exchange, ritual, a kiss and a recessional. Some couples prefer to have their marriage license signed before the ceremony, some after. Ministers will sign the license as the couple prefers.

11. After the Ceremony

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After the ceremony, we’d love to share your photos on our social media if you’d like us to! We will send you photo releases after your ceremony for social and we’ll be happy to credit any photographer or subject in the photos.


12. Leave a Review

If you feel compelled to, please be sure to leave us a review! We are on the following sites: The Knot and Wedding Wire. Your review will help us provide more ceremonies in line with couples values.