Cyanotypes for Ukraine

Framed Cyanotypes for Ukraine

4" x 4"

Sunflower Cyanotype, 2022

Cyanotype with Watercolor Paint

This cyanotype was designed and crafted as a way to help those affected by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24, 2022.  First Odd T made a working cyanotype solution and hand coated the cotton paper squares. This historic photographic process was chosen by Odd T due to its iconic deep blue color profile. As the solution dried into the paper, Odd T composed and captured the digital photograph of the sunflower, the Ukrainian national flower. This photograph was then transformed into a digital negative with photo editing software and printed on a sheet of transparent film.  That negative was then laid on top of the treated cotton paper and everything was exposed to sunlight until the desired level of exposure was reached.  In order to achieve the same color coupling as the Ukrainian flag, Odd T painted the petals of the sunflower yellow with watercolor paint. Each of the ten cyanotypes in this series is a unique piece of art that can never be replicated again.