Make Your Own Conjoined Creature: A Workshop

Make Your Own Conjoined Creature: A Workshop
Presented by Melissa Gurr

Saturday, March 5

Join us for an in-depth, hands-on taxidermy workshop where participants will create a two-headed mouse of their very own to take home. Participants will learn how to skin, flesh, and create a form for taxidermy, as well as preservation techniques and how to care for a finished piece.

All needed materials and tools are provided in the class, however, participants are encouraged to bring their own props and anything they would like to use in their piece!

All specimens are legally and ethically obtained. No animals were harmed for the purpose of this class.


Melissa Gurr is an artist and licensed taxidermist based in Connecticut. Her skills in woodworking, painting, miniatures, and crochet allow her to create unique anthropomorphic and gaff taxidermy pieces. Melissa is a regular host of the Satanic Estate’s Dark Arts and Crafts after-service activities where she can be seen working on new projects on Tuesday nights.

**Tickets are Non-Refundable**