Satanic Social - July 2022!

Co-Hosted with The Satanic Estate

Saturday, July 9

Tickets $13

Join us for this rescheduled second event in a reoccurring series of Satanic Socials! Come commune with your local Satanists, meet and make friends, see the Temple, view the Art, and learn what The Satanic Temple and Salem Art Gallery are all about!

Enjoy our custom tea blends, light fare and the company of the Caretakers and Ministers of Satan from The Satanic Estate as they unveil the The Miniature Estate. The Miniature Estate serves as both art installation and luxury product shelving. The Satanic Estate hosts weekly religious services, holidays and Satanic conferences. Learn more at TheSatanic.Estate.

Enjoy live music and videos by Minister of Satan, Mercy Maelica, host of Whimsical Blasphemy. Whimsical Blasphemy is a Twitch affiliated multi-genre music and video show that dazzles and horrifies. It is hosted by Satanic Minister, Mercy Maelica, the house D/VJ at The Satanic Estate, where the show began in October of 2020.