Satanic Social - May 2022!

Saturday, May 14

Join us for the first event in a reoccurring series of Satanic Socials! Come commune with your local Satanists, meet and make friends, see the Temple, view the Art, and learn what The Satanic Temple and Salem Art Gallery are all about!

Enjoy complimentary adult libations and light snacks amidst a live DJ set by local musician raconteur John Francis Bittrich!

Salem's Satanic tour guide, Thomas Vallor, will regale us with a brief discussion about the history of The Satanic Temple and its campaigns, then will remain to converse about TST and Salem's infamous history.

$6.66 in Advance

**Tickets are Non-Refundable**


John Francis Bittrich is a writer, DJ, and musician from Salem. His work has appeared in publications including Digboston, the Boston Phoenix, the Boston Hassle, the Boston Compass, and more. He’s worked as a tour guide here in Salem and hosted a long-running radio program on WZBC at Boston College.

Thomas O'Brien Vallor is a seasoned Salem tour guide and host of The Satanic Tour! He has been educating the masses about Salem's history and the occult for nearly twenty years. His tours filter his extensive knowledge of local history through a lens of experience as an interfaith occult minister, practicing witch, and The Satanic Temple member. He has been featured on numerous publications and networks including the Travel Channel and the Science Channel.