Satanic Tea - Sunday, October 24

Satanic Tea
Hosted by Miss Thanatopsis

Sunday, October 24

Join us for a mo(u)rning high-tea at The Satanic Temple in Salem, the headquarters of The Satanic Temple organization and former Funeral Home. Enjoy specially selected teas and treats in the luxurious Milton Hall surrounded by decadent flourishments near the world-famous 8 ½’ statue of Baphomet. Come wearing your dark- finest and bring your morbid curiosity for a special presentation!

Special Presenter: Seán O'Brien

Seán O'Brien is an educator, historian, and traveling scholar whose pursuits and research have carried him across a decent chunk of the globe, and into more than a few strange situations. He has a Master's Degree from the University of York, England, and several diplomas from the School of Useless Trivia and Disturbing Historical Facts. Easily bribed with tea and whiskey, he makes his residence in Salem, MA.

Vegetarian options will be available. 

Price: $50.00
Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to different dates.