Adam Ostrofsky - The Satanic Chef Live!

The Satanic Chef, Adam Ostrofsky presents:

The Influence of Theocratical Religions in the Restaurant Industry and how it has affected Satanism

August 14, 2021


Chef Adam Ostrofsky will be talking about how professional cooking has been influenced by theocratical religions and turned into traditions. This includes Christianity, to Judaism, to Taoism, Hinduism and Islam. How feminism has affected the kitchen dynamics and How the dynamic of this diversity has changed the dichotomy of the restaurant industry. He will be speaking in regards to how the satanic panic has affected the restaurant industry and is still to this day, making Satanism an obstacle for many of its practitioners

Adam Ostrofsky aka The Satanic Chef is a long-time Culinary Artist having worked at several restaurants such as MARE, Sel De LA Terre/L’Espalier Back Bay, JM Curley’s, Ripasso, Cafe Beatrice, Revival, and most notably Tavern Road.

Since 2020, Adam has been hosting regular events and teaching classes live and on TST's virtual platforms, TST-TV and The Satanic Estate.

He has currently written a cookbook entitled Devils Food, A Satanic Cookbook. The book contains original art by local artists Courtney Brooke aka Light Witch and illustrator Leigh Anita.


The Satanic Temple Salem
64 Bridge St
Salem, MA 01970