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We've Reopened

Salem Art Gallery, The Satanic Temple Headquarters, has reopened to the public with no appointment necessary. After extensive renovation, we are pleased to invite guests to view our newly-expanded collection and our redesigned space.

About Salem Art Gallery

Salem Art Gallery is the functional headquarters of The Satanic Temple. The gallery houses seasonal art exhibitions, hosts ritual celebrations, black masses, weddings, book-talks, lectures, and is home to the internationally-infamous 8 ½-foot-tall bronze statue of Baphomet.

Current Exhibits

Incipit Spring

Co-organized with the Salem Arts Association, Incipit Spring is an installation that features the work of local artists and their interpretations of renewal, growth, and the season itself. This juried exhibition will be the first of its kind displayed within the walls of our gallery. The exhibit will run through July 3rd, 2021.

Zach Brown

Salem Art Gallery has acquired five paintings from artist Zach Brown. His Lace Figures form an imposingly-shrouded coven, which surrounds The Satanic Temple's infamous Baphomet Statue.

And More!

In addition to our permanent collection of art, visitors can peruse the gallery library, which has an extensive collection of reading materials on the Satanic Panic. Guests can also view the elegant throne room, replete with antique 19th century Indo-Persian Khukla Khud devil face helmets, shields, and newly-acquired torture masks from the same era. In addition, The Satanic Temple commissioned the construction of a "misfortune-telling" machine in the visage of Baphomet. This interactive piece talks and is animated and is on display in the gift shop of Salem Art Gallery.

Venue experiences

Satanic Salem Walking Tour

Join us for a walking tour of the Historic City of Salem covering all aspects of the city's rich history from a brand new perspective. Gallery Admission sold separately.

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Overnight Stay

The Satanic Temple will soon be available for overnight visits. One elegant private room with a king-size bed and newly-renovated bathroom and kitchen is available for booking.


The Satanic Temple is available for wedding parties with fewer than 50 people. Salem Art Gallery provides an ordained minister to officiate weddings, collaboration on wedding designs that fit one’s individual needs, catering services, and an indoor and outdoor area for small wedding receptions to be held. Salem Art Gallery also has a suite where newlyweds can stay on the night of their wedding ceremony. The upper level of the TST Headquarters has a gorgeous bedroom as well as an efficiency kitchen.

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Protocols for Safety

We take the pandemic and public health risk associated with in-person gatherings very seriously. As such, we follow all state regulations and have developed protocols that ensure, as best we can, the safety of our staff and visitors. These items are non-negotiable and failure to comply will result in your admittance being refused. We ask that you please assist us in keeping everyone safe so that we can keep our doors open.

Requirements for entry
  • Masks required at all times
  • Maintain 6ft distance between you and other visitors outside your party