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Nona Limmen: Dark Escapism Opening Reception

In her experimental dark art photography, Nona Limmen (1986) channels the darker side of life by painting gloomy fairytales with the camera’s lens. The Beverwijk born studied psychotherapy and has worked with international clients, exhibits and galleries around the world. She plays with melancholic symbolism, dark folklore, occultism, heavy metal and shadow work, sometimes profoundly unnerving, sometimes inviting and alluring – her range widely varying by combining soft and ethereal beauty with barren landscapes. Nona Limmen’s haunting protagonists are creatures born of folklore, mythology, and the collective unconscious. Her photos capture them as they dance along the borders between our world and theirs. Perhaps, if you approach with just the right offering, one of them might grant you a glimpse or even passage into their realm, part dream and part nightmare.

And so, Dark Escapism became an intermediary to channel her deepest thoughts and feelings into her work, almost like a language to say what she couldn’t with words. It is the theme that connects these photos -the longing for another mysterious world, an escape from reality. It became an outlet to pour out all her energy into, and was always there to take her by the hand to places where she could trade reality and time for a moment of calmness and reassurance.

Andrew Cadima: The Abyss Opening Reception

From a young age, music was the overwhelming focus of Andrew Cadima's early life, studying performance on the piano, violin, and guitar. He received the Agnes Albert Scholarship to attend the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where he would eventually earn a bachelor and master's degrees in composition. After a career of conducting and writing music for musicians and ensembles, Cadima had a sudden and mysterious urge to throw himself into painting–a medium he was entirely unfamiliar with. Through oil painting, he discovered an eagerness for this type of self-expression and has continued to share his experiences and techniques for all to see. Andrew Cadima’s The Abyss, shows his vast array of technical skill in oil painting, and his favorite expressions in artmaking. In this exhibition, you can see the large influence of portraiture and human expression in his work, as well as his interest in the physical interactions of light and surface. These themes are communicated through careful curation; recontextualizing individual imagery of Cadima’s work in the wider narrative device of ‘The Abyss’.

Free and open to the public. Drinks and light fare will be available.

La Carmina Book Singing & Author Talk

An exclusive book signing and author talk with La Carmina in discussion of her newest work, "The Little Book of Satanism."

Andrea Chiarini Live Performance

Join us as we invite guitarist Andrea Chiarini to preform a soulful live set at the gallery.

Further information will be released closer to the event date.