Nona Limmen: Dark Escapism
September 6 - December 4, 2022

In her experimental dark art photography, Nona Limmen channels the darker side of life by painting gloomy fairytales with the camera’s lens. The Beverwijk born studied psychotherapist, plays with melancholic symbolism, dark folklore, occultism, and shadow work, sometimes profoundly unnerving, sometimes inviting and alluring – her range widely varying by combining soft and ethereal beauty with barren landscapes. Nona Limmen’s haunting protagonists are creatures born of folklore, mythology, and the collective unconscious. Her photos capture them as they dance along the borders between our world and theirs. Perhaps, if you approach with just the right offering, one of them might grant you a glimpse or even passage into their realm, part dream and part nightmare.

Her photos serve as a liminal zones that draw you in and make the world around you fall away as you’re drawn through a portal of her own creation. Whether in dramatic black and white or vividly artworks tinted in purples and reds, the Amsterdam based photographer offers you a glimpse into a world nebulously bordering our own, a realm where the visible melts into the unseen. But be warned. There's no return from where you are going.

Mark Porter: BAPHOMET

Mark Porter was born in Warwick, Rhode Island, but is based in Brooklyn, where he has established a studio that merges sculpture, installation, and innovative construction techniques across mediums. Trained in classical sculpture, Mark worked as Boaz Vaadia’s assistant, finding a great affinity in the artist’s use of space and the natural environment in his sculptures.

While Mark does not deliberately court controversy, his combination of the beautiful and the disturbing rendered with a precise technique and modern mindset can lead the casual observer to mistake him for a provocateur. The greater narrative in this work, however, relates to an understanding of the truth that is revealed in the interaction between materials, form, and gesture. In this revelation, strength may be cast in disposable plastics while fragile subtle elements are embodied in steel.

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My paintings combine traditional techniques and materials with formal design. The work puts the illusion of representational painting against the reality of the material and the painting as an object. This duality is also seen in the mixing of contemporary and ancient subject matter found in my work. The visual themes focus on the subjects of history, myth, and mortality