Upcoming and Past Exhibits

Upcoming Exhibitions


W O L F D R E A M 


In Support of Wolf Hollow Conservation and Education Center, Ipswich, MA.


  • Submission Deadline: January 16, 2022
  • Acceptance Announcement: January 23, 2022
  • Works must be received no later than February 9, 2022
  • Exhibition Dates: February 16–May 22, 2022
  • Reception and Lupercalia: February 26, 2022


Throughout history Wolves have been the personification of wonder and power. They represent the untamed spirit and unconquered land. With that reputation they have also been condemned as evil incarnate and, once murdered, a symbol of man’s brutal conquest of nature.
With this exhibition we aim to explore and promote the majesty of these beautiful creatures whose alluring energy continues to inspire.

The Salem Art Gallery at The Satanic Temple Salem is seeking art works to rejoice in the wolf and its spirit. As a commitment to the preservation of these important animals, TST pledges the proceeds of the works included in this exhibition towards our neighbors to the north, Wolf Hollow Conservation and Education Center.

This is an international call and all works will be considered. The exhibition will be juried by Zee Soffron, Director of Wolf Hollow.

Works must not contribute to a negative depiction of wolves, nor may they include wanton violence to or by wolves.

Important points:

  • All art forms will be considered from traditional, digital, video, and performance. 
  • Artists may submit up to three works for consideration.
  • Works must be exhibition ready, meaning ready to hang or display. Ready to hang paintings, framed works on paper, photographs, and sculptures are acceptable. Framed artwork is preferred; framing will not be provided by TST. All hung artworks must have either a wire hanger on the back or large D-rings.
  • The artist receives 50% of the sale price. Please price accordingly.
  • Accepted works must be shipped to The Salem Art Gallery at the artist’s expense. Artists must also include return shipping labels. Works not containing returning shipping credentials will become property of The Salem Art Gallery at The Satanic Temple Salem.
  • Artist assumes all risk of art work while in transport.




Caitlin & Nicole Duennebier
December 8, 2021–February 13, 2022


Since their youth, Caitlin and Nicole Duennebier have been creating foreboding landscapes and narratives. Both have grown to have wildly different styles, but their work still is commingled and speaks of the woods and stories made up from their childhood. Caitlin’s robust characters inhabit Nicole’s mystical, otherworldly landscapes—drinking, smoking cigs, laughing, and crying. The stark contrast creates a solid connection to the worlds that each artist creates, exemplifying what can be possible when their two techniques collide.

In each exhibition, the sisters attempt to use an entirely new medium; in Sister Season of Sorrow, they are experimenting with clockwork. Each clock is its own environment set around the strictures of the timepiece, but it is also sprawling and blithely unconcerned with being useful. The movements of each clock are attributed to the passing of time but they are swallowed up by the preoccupations of its inhabitants, or entirely ignored as they go about their private miseries.


Nicole Duennebier received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Maine College of Art with a major in painting. Her BFA thesis work was most influenced by research into the coastal ecosystems of Maine. In 2006 she was awarded the Monhegan Island Artists Residency. On the island she continued her work with sea life, and perceived a natural connection between the darkness and intricacy of undersea regions and the aesthetic of 16th-century Dutch still-life painting.

Nicole is a 2016 Massachusetts Cultural Council Painting Fellow and her work can be found in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and New Britain Museum of American Art. Writing about Bright Beast, her 2013 solo show at the Lilypad in Cambridge, Cate McQuaid of the Boston Globe said Nicole’s “technical mastery gives the artist what she needs to seduce the viewer; the content lowers the boom.”  Nicole has also been featured in the Portland Press Herald, Art New England and Hi-Fructose Magazine, among other publications. Nicole has worked alongside her sister Caitlin Duennebier for a number of collaborative exhibitions, most recently “Love Superior, a Death Supreme” at Simmons University.

Working in painting, drawing, sculpture, and animation, Cailtin Duennebier creates surreal narratives that focus on a cast of oddball characters. Drawn in a crude and illustrative manner, her scenes commingle threat and sly humor, showing everyday life tainted with the disappointments of violence and body image. Caitlins's imagery is populated by bemused men, fierce-looking women, and strange half-breed creatures that maintain an air of playfulness and innocence while addressing feminism, death and storytelling.

Caitlin Duennebier received her BFA in photography at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2009 and studied on scholarship at University of the Arts London. Cailtin lived in London between 2009 and 2014 when she began OH PAPA, a platform for her illustrative work.

Caitlin Duennebier // Nicole Duennebier



Past Exhibitions

Cevin Soling
We've Become What We Parody

July 7–September 19, 2021


"My artwork involves bending the familiar to create an alternate world that exposes the undercurrents of hypocrisy and violence that persist beneath everyday objects' venire. The works are intended to generate a conflicted response of both horror and humor where the humor may feel guilty or inappropriate. 

The works serve as critiques of both ourselves and our culture designed to prompt unsettling questions. What kind of world have we created? What do we value, and what do we want to achieve? How do we suppress thoughts of our eventual demise and the specter of violence that surrounds us? Alienation plays a significant role – not as a subject as one might expect, but rather as an object. Alienation from selves, from others, from our culture and history, from the things we produce, and the things to which we aspire are ultimately what generate ironic humor in the dark landscape.

Aesthetics is essential. Works' appearances are consistent with everyday analogs to heighten the tension between the image and its subject matter. Installations are designed to seem inconspicuous at first glance but disturbing upon closer inspection. My mission is for this sense to carry over to other crass representations that surround us in our daily lives that we have normalized and to which we have become desensitized"


Incipit Spring

Spring 2021

We are pleased to announce Incipit Spring, a group show co-organized with Salem Arts Association to be on view April 1st. Featuring the work of local artists and their interpretations of renewal, growth, and the season itself, this juried exhibition will be the first of its kind displayed within the walls of our gallery. Incipit Spring will run through July 3rd, 2021.


Zach Brown
Strange Familiars

Mid-Winter Exhibition 2020

“My paintings combine traditional techniques and materials with formal design. The work puts the illusion of representational painting against the reality of the material and the painting as an object. This duality is also seen in the mixing of contemporary and ancient subject matter found in my work. The visual themes focus on the subjects of history, myth, and mortality.”

Joe Keinberger
In Comfort of Darkness

Fall/Winter 2019-2020


“Since childhood I have always been regarded as someone who is
interested in “weird things,” and I still get asked why my work and
interests are “so dark.” – These wooden panels become tablets that bear the
images of things that exist beyond the everyday world.
This “darkness” lights my world and offers insight and comfort in the
face of an unkind world. To peek behind the veil and to meet fellow
travelers who also play in the darkness, who find joy, humor and comfort in
my work, or create inspiring work of their own, is something to cherish.”

In Comfort of Darkness, on view at Salem Art Gallery November 27th, 2019 through January 29th, 2020. Opening Reception December 14th, 6pm-8pm.


Courtney Brooke
Wake of the Crimson Witch

Spring 2019


“My work explores the relationship between the feminine, the natural world and spirituality. I am exploring what it is to exist in a human form. Trying to wake the flame that burns in the darkness. Ever since I was an adolescent I have been fascinated by the unrelenting pressure of time and it’s relationship to beauty. What starts out as yearning soon becomes manipulated into a tragedy of temptation, leaving only a sense of nihilism and the prospect of a new beginning.I strive to create a visual moment that urges the viewer to question spirituality, the human experience and one’s own connection to the universe.”

Visit the gallery April 3rd through June 22nd to view Courtney’s seasonal exhibition. Details on the opening reception for this show can be found in the events section.

Follow Courtney on Instagram: @light_witch


Rebecca Petrie
Moon Magic

Fall 2018

Moon Magic is an exploration of the sinister veneer of the illumination of the night and the colours you see beyond the black.  Rebecca explores geometry and organic imperfect symmetry based on dreamscapes.

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Vincent Castiglia 
Sanguine Spring
Fall 2017

Salem Art Gallery – the headquarters and cultural center of The Satanic Temple, Salem, MA (64 Bridge St.) – is pleased to present “Sanguine Spring”, a selection of large-scale paintings, limited editions and sculpture by world renowned artist VINCENT CASTIGLIA. The exhibition is inspired by the idea that Romans viewed February as a time of purification and honoring one’s ancestors. Ritualized bloodletting, purging, and celebrations of opulent excess often accompanied observances such as Lupercalia, Parentalia and Feralia in February to expel the vestiges of winter. Castiglia’s art, created with human blood, embodies personal, emotional, and creative purification and purging oneself into one’s art.
“Sanguine Spring” opens this Saturday, February 18, 2017 from 8-11pm, and runs through April 1st.

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