Ceremony - Little Black Chapel™


The Little Black Chapel operates every second Saturday of the month from 6 pm to midnight. Space is limited, so book your ceremony now!


Included in Your Little Black Chapel Reservation

When you reserve space at the Little Black Chapel™ for your ceremony, you will receive more than just a unique setting. As part of your reservation, you and your guests will have private access to The Satanic Temple Salem for 30 minutes, allowing time for your ceremony and a short photography session in the serene environment. We also provide a selection of bouquets and boutonnières made from The Satanic Temple Salem's garden and a selection of vows to choose from, though you are welcome to write your own. Most notably, your ceremony will be conducted by a Minister of Satan, who will ensure a meaningful and personalized experience steeped in our traditions and values.


Types of Satanic Ceremonies

 While the Little Black Chapel primarily offers weddings imbued with the eternally rebellious spirit of Satanism to mark the beginning of a shared journey with your partner, our experienced Ministers of Satan are well-versed in performing a range of ceremonies. Consider the transformative experience of an Unbaptism, a bold declaration of autonomy and self-definition, or picture a Gender Affirmation ceremony, acknowledging and celebrating one's true self in an empowering environment. No matter your intent, our Ministers are prepared to deliver a meaningful and memorable ceremony that aligns with your purpose and encapsulates the spirit of individuality and authenticity that we greatly value.